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Villa Adriana Rab apartman 1
Apartment 6 +1 persons of approx 100m2.


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 2
Apartment for 4 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 3
Apartment for 2 +1 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 4
Apartment for 2 +1 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 5
Apartment 6 +1 persons of approx 85m2

Crossbowman from Rab

Among numerous historical events, the inhabitants of Rab have reintroduced the old knights games, established in Rab as far back as 1364. Since their reintroduction in 1995 the games have become the central cultural event of this island.

Rab knights games

The knights' competition is preceded by a medieval ceremony, announced the day before by a herald by means of proclamation and drums. The ceremony starts in the overcrowded town with the arrival of the Prince and his escort to the town loggia where they are welcomed by cross-bowers, musicians and ensigns. Accompanied by strong drum beating, by the sound of fanfares and bell- ringing the participants pass through the streets of the town towards the Cathedral, to get the blessing.On St. Christopher's square, before the Town gates, the Games are solemnly opened by the Prince. The town's flag is hoisted on the mast accompanied by sound of fanfares and at the sign of the "honourable judge" the knights start their competition. By predefined order twelve knights draw the cross-bow, directing the arrow to the target. The winner is the competitor whose arrow hits the point nearest to the centre of the target. The Rab Prince proclaims the winner of the Games and hands the prize "Felix" over to him. The Rab knights games conclude with the musicians' and ensigns' program and with the solemn march-past of all participants, in Renaissance costumes.

The antique cross-bow - nowadays still used only by the "balestrieri" from San Marino in their games - is a peculiarity of the Rab knights games. In the Middle Ages it was used by the Rab people to defend their town from attackers , so that the games were introduced in honour of this defence and of their patron, St. Christopher. They games used to be held twice a year: on May 9 (Dies Victoriae) and on July 27 (Dies Natalis). These were the biggest celebrations which lasted for seven full days. The re-established games are also held on May 30 and July 27, while a solemn march-past in the town is organised on Assumption day, too. On these occasions Rab offers to its visitors a whole series of programs worth seeing.