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Villa Adriana Rab apartman 1
Apartment 6 +1 persons of approx 100m2.


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 2
Apartment for 4 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 3
Apartment for 2 +1 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 4
Apartment for 2 +1 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 5
Apartment 6 +1 persons of approx 85m2

Monumental Heritage

If we enter the town through one of the town gates, e. g. the "Zlatna vrata" (Golden Gate) we will be attracted by the uncommon peace of the "Gornja ulica" (Upper street). To the right, towards the way out to the park Komrčar there is a "belvedere" on the old tower and the Church of St. Christopher - the Saint patron of the town and the island- now a lapidary and, to the left, a street with its churches and four bell-towers. The only remains of the Church of St. John the Evangelist, a unique Romanesque basilica, are the Romanesque bell-tower, the foundations and parts of the columns of the three-naval church as well as the restored deambulatory. Close by the ruins of the old basilica of St John the Evangelist, stands the Church of the Holy Weeping Cross where, according to records a miracle happened, i.e. the cross started to weep.

Town Rab - St. Justine's Church

On the "Trg Slobode" (Square of Liberty) stands a bell-tower and the St. Justine's Church, built in the 16th century for the Benedictine convent, which has been now transformed into a sacral art museum. Not far from St. Justine's Church stands the St. Andrija's church and bell-tower together with the Benedictine nuns' convent. The Church was built in Romanesque three-naval style and has a magnificent baroque altar. The bell-tower is from the year 1181 and it is the oldest bell-tower in Rab.

Town Rab - former cathedral - the Church of the Assumption

At the end of "Gornja ulica", close to the monastery erected on a cliff which precipitates towards the sea, stands the Church of the Assumption, the former cathedral. Its building began in 1118 and it was consecrated by Pope Alexander III in person. It is a sumptuous Romanesque basilica and what particularly attracts attention is the altar with ciborium from the 8th century, the Late Gothic chorus seats and St. Christopher's statue from the 12th century.The bell-tower of this basilica is detached from the church, it dominates the town and ranks among the most beautiful buildings in Late Romanesque style in our country. Let us also mention the St. Francis' Church situated near the local cemetery, near which the monastery of Franciscans of the Third order (Glagolitic priests) was also erected.

Kampor - St. Euphemia's monastery

Kampor is famous for its Francisan monastery and St. Euphemia's Church. They were founded in 1446. The valuable museum and gallery of fra Amroz Testen are situated in the monastery.

Supetarska Draga - St. Peter's Church

In Supetarska Draga stays the St. Peter's Church close to the abandoned Benedictine convent, built in Romanesque style by the middle of the 11th century, one of the most important buildings from that period on Croatian soil.