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Villa Adriana Rab apartman 1
Apartment 6 +1 persons of approx 100m2.


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 2
Apartment for 4 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 3
Apartment for 2 +1 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 4
Apartment for 2 +1 persons with balcony


Villa Adriana Rab apartman 5
Apartment 6 +1 persons of approx 85m2

Rabska fjera

A medieval summer festival that Rab inhabitants revived out of many historic events together with the old knights' games dating as far back as the year 1364. Today the manifestation is a memory of Old Rab celebrating its free and independent municipality. The games were revived in 1995 and since the year 2002 the Rab Fair has become the central cultural event in the area.

Middle Age Festival

Nowadays the Rab Fair festivities are held on three holidays – 25th July, St. James, 26th July, St. Anna and 27th July St. Christopher. It is a memento of the traditional merrymaking that used to last for three days, when the town gates were wide open to everyone and knights' games were held. Today again on this occasion, the prince of Rab awards the prize «Felix» to the winner, while musicians, flag-bearers and the ceremonial parade of all participants dressed up in Renaissance costumes are just a part of the rich program. The guests can imagine the town as it used to be in the Middle Ages with its old crafts, costumes and more and more interesting details are added every year.